Manami Kinjou (金武城真奈美)

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Name Manami Kinjou (金武城真奈美)
Gender Female
Race Human
Job *Former field agent for the CIA
  • Bodyguard for the Catian Embassy
Portrayed By Haruka Tomatsu (Japanese)
Brittney Karbowski (English)

Manami is a childhood friend of Kio's. She has always dreamed of joining the CIA and is obsessed with guns. She is afraid that Kio sees her as "one of the guys" and encourages Aoi to begin a romance with him because she is upset that she missed her chance, and she doesn't want to lose Kio to Eris. She used to intern at the CIA recruitment agency under JACK but she thought she was no longer qualified after she rescued Eris. She wears a watch with a noticeable scratch on it, which it got the day she realized she was in love with Kio; she will often rub the scratch when nervous. She has a noticeable fascination with guns, to the point where Kio refers to her as a gun otaku. She is often very pushy when it comes to helping Aoi make progress with her relationship with Kio, because she does not wish to see Aoi's chance to slip by as she believes hers has. She finally kisses Kio on the last episode along with Eris and Aoi.

Outfits Edit


  • Age: 16
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Blood: O
  • Height: 159cm (5'3")
  • Weight: 50kg (110.23 lbs.)
  • Size: B80cm - W55cm- H82cm (31"-22"-32")
  • Skin Color: Fair
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Family: Mother (forties) and Father (late forties). Both Manami's parents are not the oldest children in the family so they don't live with their grand parents. Grand father on father's side was related to USA army's weapon supply to Vietnam in postwar chaos period. That is why the family has the connection with CIA. Right now, only Manami's family is connected with CIA (the decision made by grandfather's generation) in Kinijyou family. Her mother's parents are teachers and she was brought up strictly.