Cat Planet Cuties Wiki

Char 45000.jpeg
Name Kio
Gender Male
Race Human/Catian
Job Student
Portrayed By Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese)
Aaron Dismuke (English)

Kio Kakazu is the main character of Cat Planet Cuties. If you ask him a question, chances are, he'll give you a nerdy, short, and wishy-washy answer.


He is a sophisticated, but sweet, teenage boy that's in high school who befriends Eris briefly after she lands on Earth. When he was younger, and was really close friends with Manami, he was very shy and quiet, but she helped him be more outgoing. He likes anime and playing video games. He lets many Catians stay at his house during the series to provide somewhere to stay while they conducted their research on Earth and human beings. He is a little bit of a pervert, and he's got some..... "magazines" under his bed. He has a close friend named Manami, who, for a short time, had feelings for him. It is revealed later in the series that Manami still likes Kio,and admits it near the end of the anime in a spaceship. Aoi, a friend of Manami, has liked Kio for a long time, but is too scared to admit it. Being the person he is, Kio is oblivious to these two girls liking him, even after constant hints throughout episodes. 


Eris begins to have feelings for him after he saves her from being captured by the government for investigation on "aliens", and decides she wants him to be her mate after going through her first heat. But, she missed her chance and had to take pills to end her mating season because it was stalling her work. She desperately waits for her next mating season, so she can reproduce with Kio. On the last episode of the anime, Aoi, Manami, and Eris all kiss him, the and they all covered the assistroids construct the warp engine (that is not part of Cati-Earth One). Kio along with his assitroid and two others that is onboard Cati-Earth One prepare to Warp to the Catian Mother Ship. After the warp engine is done he engages the spaceship to the warp engine to enter hyperspace to the Catian Mother ship. As his ship comes out of hyperspace and hits the Catian mother ship and he boards the ship to help Melwin and the other catians against the dogisian assitroids. He goes to the Main Computer to restart the ship, but denies the command because his DNA is off by 1/100,000th% of being a Catian and he tells captain Kuune's bell to become a Catian, and the bell makes it so.

Manami and Aoi are both surprised when they see his ears as is Eris.

Catia sent a present at the end of episode. a elevator to space