Assist-A-Roids are small, anthropomorphic robots used by both the Catians and the Dogisians. The Catian versions are considered more advanced with their own self-repair systems, while the Dogisian Assist-A-Roids must steal electronic equipment to repair themselves. With the exception of Muttley, the Dogisian assist-a-roids are considered expendable. The Catian assist-a-roids can be personalized to suit their owners. Kio is given an assist-a-roid named Sayada that is modeled after a movie director. Aoi is given a pair named Chiba-chan and Kin-chan that resemble samurai, while Manami has a gun-wielding, gangster-looking one named Yu-Fat, a nod to Hong Kong Action Movie Star Chow Yun Fat. If an Assist-A-Roid is given an order it's unable to do, it'll commit suicide, unless it's ordered not to.